Teen Faces Charges After Hit and Run Crash in South Carolina

Teen Faces Charges After Hit and Run Crash in South Carolina

A 16-year-old juvenile is facing serious charges after taking his mother’s car without her permission on Sunday.  The inexperience driver then proceeded to have an accident and flee the scene. This was considered a hit and run, and a brief chase did follow.  The chase ended when the vehicle hit a tree.

Deputies claim the incident began when the 16-year-old took his mother’s car without her permission.  He proceeded to drive the Chevy HHR to a local address on South Pine Street.  It was here a neighbor spotted the car and the driveway of his neighbor with his neighbor’s children surrounding it.

Authorities were called and the police tracked the Chevy to the 16-year old’s mother, who claimed she wanted to press charges.  A radio alert was sent out so police could be on the lookout for the vehicle.  The car was quickly spotted and a routine traffic stop was done, from which the 16-year-old driver sped off.  After a very brief chase of which speed topped out at 80 miles an hour, the driver ran the car into a tree.

The pursing police officer did manage to free the driver who was trapped behind the wheel of the car.  The car was smoking but the driver and the passengers made it out of the car safely.

The passengers in the car consisted of a 22-year-old and a 14-year-old.  All three people were taken to a local hospital with injuries.


“It is so sad when a young person commits a crime, then has the audacity to try to flee from the authorities.  This young driver endangered his own life and the lives of the two people with him.  Despite the minor nature of the injuries it, is still unjust and needs to be dealt with.” Says Joe Sandefur of joeandmartin.com, personal injury attorney in South Carolina.

Even though the injuries appear to be minor with all three people in the car, when you act irresponsibly, especially behind the wheel of a car, a price has to be paid.

The Highway Patrol is investigating the crashThe Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.  Authorities say that the 16year old driver was charged with use without owner’s consent, malicious injury to personal property, failure to stop for blue light and driving without a SC driver’s license.

These are all serious charges that will more than likely affect his future driving capabilities.  Young people need to understand that operating a car without a driver’s license is a very bad idea.  Not only does it open everyone up to liability issues when caught it will lead to serious consequences.  This was the perfect storm of problems. Each decision made was a bad one.  Taking a car, driving with no license, leaving the scene of an accident and then running from police.

These two passengers with injuries will most likely want to be compensated for medical bills, and this 16-year-old driver should be held solely responsible for his actions.  There are always consequences for bad choices.




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Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

In case you’re confronting an especially genuine or confounded injury claim, you’ll likely need an personal damage attorney’s recommendation. You shouldn’t turn to simply any legal advisor for help; search for somebody who has experience speaking to injured people (called “offended parties”) in personal damage claims – and whom you feel that you can trust.

Finding Experienced Lawyers

There are a couple of approaches to get referrals to experienced irritated parties’ up close and personal harm lawful counsels. When you get referrals, make a point to relationship shop. Get the names of a couple of legitimate instructors and meet with each of them to inspect your case before you decide to contract someone. Likewise be organized rejection. Various legitimate guides don’t take cases in the event that they fall underneath a certain potential recovery whole, or if the case is not clear as anyone might imagine.

Friends and Acquaintances

Converse with companions or associates who have been spoken to by a legal advisor in their own particular personal damage claims. In the event that the companion or colleague says great things to you in regards to a legal advisor, put the attorney on your rundown of personals to counsel. Be that as it may don’t settle on a choice around a legal counselor exclusively on the premise of another person’s proposal. Diverse personals will have distinctive reactions to an attorney’s style and identity; don’t decide on enlisting a legal advisor until you’ve met the legal advisor, examined your case, and concluded that you feel good living up to expectations with him or her.11193766_xl

Nolo’s Lawyer Directory

Nolo offers two approaches to discover a lawyer. You can utilize the attorney locator to rapidly enter in the subtle elements of you case and have nearby personal injury legal counselors contact you. Nolo likewise offers a remarkable attorney catalog that gives an exhaustive profile to every lawyer with data that will help you choose the right lawyer. The profiles let you know about the legal counselor’s experience, training, and charges, and maybe above all, the attorneys general logic of specializing in legal matters. Nolo has affirmed that each recorded lawyer has a legitimate permit and is in great remaining with their bar affiliation. Each lawyer has taken a promise to correspond frequently with you, give an assessment of the time and expense included, and furnish you with a reasonable, reasonable, composed assertion that spells out how they will handle your legitimate matter and how you will be charged.

Other Lawyers

logo_nolo_facebookSome place else to search for a referral to a refined individual harm legitimate counsel is through distinctive lawyers you know. Lawful consultants typically insinuate cases to one another, and most lawyers will know someone else who handles insulted parties’ near and dear harm cases. In like manner with referrals from allies or partners, nevertheless, don’t simply take another lawful guide‘s referral as the last word.

Referral Services

Most neighborhood bar subsidiaries have referral services in which the names of legal advisors are accessible, masterminded by lawful strength. There is a wide variety in the nature of legal advisor referral administrations, then again, despite the fact that they should be sanction by the state bar affiliation. Some legal counselor referral administrations painstakingly screen lawyers and rundown just those lawyers with specific capabilities and a certain measure of past experience, while different administrations will list any lawyer in great remaining with the state bar who keeps up risk protection. Before you pick a legal counselor referral administration, approach what its capabilities are for including a lawyer and how deliberately attorneys are screened.

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What to do after a Personal Injury

What to do after a Personal Injury

The moments following an injury or an accident are overwhelming and confusing. You maybe don’t know what to do if you or your family or friends have been injured because of someone’s wrongdoing or negligence.

  1. You should seek medical help.The very 1st thing you should do is to seek medical attention, if you or somebody you know has suffered a personal injury. You should see a doctor, even if your injuries aren’t readily obvious, because a lot of injuries aren’t obvious immediately, and several jurisdictions now require that you look for medical attention within a specified period of time or lose your capability to bring a claim.You should remember that some injuries, particularly brain injuries or soft tissue injuries don’t show symptoms for days or weeks, and even months after the injury. A doctor will do a careful evaluation to make a diagnosis of your injury and give the proper treatment and may be able to recognize injuries that you or your family members are not even aware are going to be a problem.2. You should contact an attorney.You should contact a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer after you have received the suitable medical attention. Your attorney can advise you on whether or not you have a valid personal injury claim, after he has heard the details of your injury and accident. The best thing of all is that the majority personal injury attorneys will give you a free initial consultation and will work on a contingency basis, which means that they get paid only if you get paid and they take their money out of anything you receive, so you never have to give the money out of your pocket.200402162-0013. You should participate in the investigation.They will carefully investigate your accident and begin to plan how to prove that your injuries were a direct result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, once you have an attorney. A lot of attorneys will have teams of doctors, accident reconstruction specialists, and other professionals who will investigate the incident and your injuries in order to find out who was at fault, what happened, and how badly you or family were injured. However, you must follow your attorney’s instructions, stay in contact with him or her (attorney), and participate in the investigation as directed, in order for all of that to work. Keep in mind, it might look like a little bit of a irritating, but your attorney is working to get you the highest compensation to which you are entitled and he can help you only if you help him.john-bales-law-case-investigation-

    4. You should discuss what kind of compensation you should receive.

    There are some items for which you may be compensated, depending on your injuries. Your attorney will advise you the best, and what you can expect to receive money for. However some common examples include:


Doctor visits
At-home care

Medical equipment
Loss of companionship

Funeral expenses
Pain and suffering

Lost wages
Punitive damages

Keep in mind that this article is only for informational purposes and isn’t intended to replace the advice you will receive from a competent and qualified attorney in your local jurisdiction. So, if you are in doubt, you should pick up your phone and call your lawyer.

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Most Common Areas for Slip and Fall Accidents

Most Common Areas for Slip and Fall Accidents

More than half of slip and fall accidents cases recorded a year ago happened on the grounds of an apartment suite or a participation possession building. This important number incorporates five regions that are generally risky. By inspecting these risky conditions, the quantity of slip and fall wounds can be decreased. Uneven walkways, elusive snow and frosty conditions are the most well-known reasons for fall wounds outside of these structures. In the inside of these places, wet floors, risky floor blankets and tricky pool surfaces introduce the greatest danger for slip and fall accidents.

 Uneven Sidewalks

Despite the fact that the building manager does not claim the walkway, property managers are in charge of keeping walkways sensibly sheltered and clear of risks. Provided that somebody encounters a slip and fall accident because of a peril, a careless property holder can be held at risk. Extension joints in walkways can introduce a danger for a slip and fall harm in case that they are not caulked appropriately. Unevenness in the walkway asphalt can bring about the heel of a shoe getting to be gotten in the joint. Tree roots that are not uprooted, covered, or granulated underneath the surface additionally build the shot of an uneven walkway which is frequently the reason for a slip and fall accident.

Tricky Snow and Ice


Winter climate conditions, for example, snow and ice, yet must be dealt with in an opportune manner. Most urban communities or townships have statutes that oblige managers to clear away snow and ice inside four to six hours after the snow or ice has stopped to fall. At the point when ice evacuation reasons harm to concrete or other ground surfaces, there is normally a sensible effortlessness period granted to alter the harm when climate conditions make strides. Besides, a property manager does not need to clear snow and ice between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. Despite these exemptions, clearing ice and snow in any event once an hour is a decent dependable guideline to dispense with slip and fall mischances.

Risky Floor Coverings

Twisted edges of floor coverings or mats make an alternate regular slip and fall risk. A wide range of floor blankets ought to have elastic along the edge and must be “feathered” or just set from a higher surface to a lower surface. To keep the edges of floor blankets down, a unique rug tape can be utilized underneath.

Wet Floors

Senior businessman falling near caution sign in hallway

Plastic downpour mats ought to be utilized, particularly in inclement climate, to decrease the threat of slipping on a wet floor. Polished surfaces can happen when floor coverings are severely exhausted and individuals are strolling all through a building. Property supervisors can shield their occupants and guests from a wet floor accident by supplanting immersed tangles, or utilizing cleans or wet vacuums, to expel water that may amass from snow, ice, or downpour.

Wet Pool Areas

Pool regions, particularly in a townhouse or apartment building, are an alternate basic site for slip and fall wounds. Numerous structures have occupants sign waivers before utilizing the pools or spas claimed by the complex.

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Liability Concerns Prompt Some Illinois Cities to Limit Sledding

Liability Concerns Prompt Some Illinois Cities to Limit Sledding

Alongside building snowmen, avoiding snowballs and unwinding with a warm mug of cocoa by the flame, sledding is an affectionate youth memory for a great many Illinois inhabitants. Anyway as of late, wellbeing and risk concerns over the cherished winter hobby have provoked urban areas the nation over to close slopes to sledders. Districts from Iowa to New Jersey have ordered sledding bans with an end goal to keep youngsters and folks protected, and to evade unreasonable individual damage payouts in the occasion of a mishap. In Illinois, authorities banned sledding in James Park, beforehand a prominent spot for the game, while different urban communities have posted “sled at your own danger” signs in parks. Sledding, in the same way as some other physical action, can result in wounds. Converse with your kid about approaches to stay sheltered before he or she goes outside to ride a sled. On the off chance that your youngster is included in a sledding mischance, you may have the capacity to document an individual harm guarantee for his or her benefit. Also, comprehend your obligations as a property holder and how you may be held subject for any mishaps that happen on your premises.

Liability Concerns in Illinoissledding+getty

As a property manager, you may be held at risk for any wounds that happen on your property. Property managers’ commitments to keep their property ok for others are built into the Premises Liability Act. Your level of commitment for a singular’s security relies on upon why he or she is on your property. This is known as obligation of consideration, and is point by point underneath:

A property holder has the most abnormal amount of commitment for invitees. Invitees are clients and different benefactors that enter the property to make utilization of products or administrations gave by the manager. A property manager has a marginally lesser commitment for the wellbeing of licensees, which are people who enter the property socially, as opposed to for a predefined business reason. This can incorporate visitors and neighbors who stop by. Albeit a property holder is required to keep his or her property free of security risks for these visitors, licensees are likewise anticipated that would practice precautionary measures for their own particular wellbeing. By and large, a property holder has no commitment to ensure trespassers’ security. Trespassers are people who unlawfully enter a property. In Illinois, issue for wounds is separated by adjusted similar carelessness model. This implies that the harms a litigant is obliged to pay to the petitioner may be decreased by rate of the mishap the inquirer is discovered to be in charge of.

Personal Injury Claims for Children


People under 18 years old can’t record their own particular individual harm claims. This must be carried out for the kid’s benefit by his or her parent or gatekeeper, known as his or her “next companion.” In Illinois, the statute of impediments for individual damage cases is two years from the date of the mischance. On the off chance that the victimized person was a minor at the time of the mishap, the statute of limits does not close until his or her twentieth birthday. That implies that regardless of the possibility that an eight-year-old experiences damage, he or she may document an individual harm claim for it at 18 or 19 years of age.

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The Role of Car Insurance in a Car Accident Case

The Role of Car Insurance in a Car Accident Case

What precisely is the part of auto protection in a vehicle accident case? How does the accessibility or inaccessibility of protection influence the estimation of a personal harm case, and how can it figure the choice of who to make the case against? This article is a guestpost provided to us for free by the writing team over at johnbales.com

Liability Insurance Coverage

Risk protection is standard auto protection. Obligation protection protects the driver and approved clients of a vehicle against cases emerging from pile ups created by carelessness – and (in many states) accidents brought on by rashness – up to the scope furthest reaches of the strategy. Case in point, in the event that you make a case against somebody who conveys $100,000 of risk protection, and your case is hypothetically worth $200,000, that driver’s back up plan just needs to pay you $100,000, since that is the scope furthest reaches of the strategy.

When the Value of Your Claim Exceeds Available Coverage?

balance-scaleMost protection agents won’t react to settlement requests that surpass the accessible protection. Despite the amount you or your legal advisor think your case is worth, in the event that you need the agent to make an offer, you can’t make a request that is more than as far as possible. Along these lines, if the at-blame driver’s strategy cutoff points are $100,000, and your interest is $150,000, most agents won’t even react. They basically have no obligation to address requests that surpass the accessible protection.

Uninsured Driver Coverage

Each auto protection strategy has no less than a negligible measure of uninsured driver scope. The standard approach typically accompanies a little measure of this scope, and you can unquestionably buy extra scope. Uninsured driver scope becomes possibly the most important factor when you are included in a accident with an alternate driver who has no auto protection. Things being what they are, the manner by which does it work? If a uninsured driver hits you, you would make a case against your own insurance agency for uninsured driver advantages. You doubtlessly would not attempt to seek after the uninsured driver by and by. Personals that have no auto protection have any cash.

Underinsured Driver Coverage

Most protection strategies have underinsured driver scope also. Likewise with uninsured driver assurance, your approach may accompany a base about of underinsured driver scope, and you can buy more. Underinsured driver scope is for accidents including a driver who does not have enough protection to pay your harms. uninsured_t670Similarly as with uninsured driver advantages, in an underinsured driver case, you would make a case against your own insurance agency up to the furthest reaches of your underinsured driver scope. Nonetheless, there is one catch. You can just make an underinsured driver case against your back up plan if your underinsured driver scope surpasses the careless driver’s arrangement limits. We should utilize a sample to show this. Say your case is worth $200,000, yet the driver that hit you just has $100,000 of scope. You can make an underinsured driver case against your own particular back up plan just the length of you have more than $100,000 in underinsured driver scope. In the event that you had $250,000 in underinsured driver scope, together with the help of a ​clearwater auto accident John Bales Attorneys you would settle with the careless driver for $100,000, and afterward you would attempt to settle with your safety net provider for an alternate $100,000. However in the event that you just had $50,000 of underinsured scope, you couldn’t settle with the careless driver for $100,000 and afterward take $50,000 more from your strategy.

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