Teen Faces Charges After Hit and Run Crash in South Carolina

Teen Faces Charges After Hit and Run Crash in South Carolina

A 16-year-old juvenile is facing serious charges after taking his mother’s car without her permission on Sunday.  The inexperience driver then proceeded to have an accident and flee the scene. This was considered a hit and run, and a brief chase did follow.  The chase ended when the vehicle hit a tree.

Deputies claim the incident began when the 16-year-old took his mother’s car without her permission.  He proceeded to drive the Chevy HHR to a local address on South Pine Street.  It was here a neighbor spotted the car and the driveway of his neighbor with his neighbor’s children surrounding it.

Authorities were called and the police tracked the Chevy to the 16-year old’s mother, who claimed she wanted to press charges.  A radio alert was sent out so police could be on the lookout for the vehicle.  The car was quickly spotted and a routine traffic stop was done, from which the 16-year-old driver sped off.  After a very brief chase of which speed topped out at 80 miles an hour, the driver ran the car into a tree.

The pursing police officer did manage to free the driver who was trapped behind the wheel of the car.  The car was smoking but the driver and the passengers made it out of the car safely.

The passengers in the car consisted of a 22-year-old and a 14-year-old.  All three people were taken to a local hospital with injuries.


“It is so sad when a young person commits a crime, then has the audacity to try to flee from the authorities.  This young driver endangered his own life and the lives of the two people with him.  Despite the minor nature of the injuries it, is still unjust and needs to be dealt with.” Says Joe Sandefur of joeandmartin.com, personal injury attorney in South Carolina.

Even though the injuries appear to be minor with all three people in the car, when you act irresponsibly, especially behind the wheel of a car, a price has to be paid.

The Highway Patrol is investigating the crashThe Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.  Authorities say that the 16year old driver was charged with use without owner’s consent, malicious injury to personal property, failure to stop for blue light and driving without a SC driver’s license.

These are all serious charges that will more than likely affect his future driving capabilities.  Young people need to understand that operating a car without a driver’s license is a very bad idea.  Not only does it open everyone up to liability issues when caught it will lead to serious consequences.  This was the perfect storm of problems. Each decision made was a bad one.  Taking a car, driving with no license, leaving the scene of an accident and then running from police.

These two passengers with injuries will most likely want to be compensated for medical bills, and this 16-year-old driver should be held solely responsible for his actions.  There are always consequences for bad choices.




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